The members behind IQ3XL:

Martin IN3AKR, Guido IN3DPT, Tobias IN3CYO, Peter IN3RRX, Elias IN3FJK, Isaac IN3GLH, Nicole IN3BAO, Jenny IN3HJM

Martin IN3AKR:

OP Prefers: 2m, 70cm, 23cm

Head of the IQ3XL Contest team, relating to following technique:

Antennas, TRX coax switching control, XTAL Box and LNA Control, Rotor Control


Guido IN3DPT

OP Prefers: 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm

Supervisor, Log System and QSO manager, Antenna Systems

Tobias IN3CYO:

OP Prefers: 2m, 70cm, 23cm

Brings knowhow from broadcasting company in South Tyrol. Aplifiers 23cm, Coax Relays

Peter IN3RRX:

OP Prefers: HF, 2m, 70cm, Digi Modes

Brings the endurance of making QSO`s until the very last end

Elias IN3FJK:

OP Prefers: HF, 2m, 70cm QRO

Analysis, Contest Strategy

PTT, Mikrophone and QRO is his home

Nicole IN3BAO, Jenny IN3HJM and Isaac IN3GLH

Newcomer on the Contest Radio

Ladies with exellent pastry skills