TX-RX Technology

His is our actual Contest-Setup planned and executed by IN3AKR, IN3DPT, IN3CYO and IN3FJK.

The Seqence Controller has been designed and home made by IN3AKR, IN3CYO IN3FJK, using Arduino. The XTal Filterbox is also home made inspired by the Xtalbox of HA1YA, LeaHamradio. Quarz filters purchased at KRYSTALY, Hradec Králové . The transverter is going to be the ME2XP from HA1YA. The radio is going to be a Yeasu FTDX 1200 or a Kenwood TS 890.

We are actually using two antenna systems: 4x BigWheel omnidirectional, horizontal polarized antennasand 4x homemade 6el. Yagi

For 2021 Rotor and Antenna Switching controllers its going to be a Touch controlled Visu. More INFO coming.

Here some inpressions:

Heavy Duty Rotor
XTal Box in the making
First tests of Sequence Controller